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  • Hello! This is Elena from Kinlife,a direct manufacturer of boat trailer, owning two factories with customized service.

    May I know does this model meet your need? IF not, please tell us,we would like to send you more for your reference.

    Looking forward to your reply.Hope that we can have a chance for further discussion.

    Thanks for your time.

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  • Contact Elena

Kinlife Supper Team

Manufacturing Capability

Laser cutting

Cut by laser machine, such as TRU LASER3030, RMADA LCG3015.


Bend the material by Rmanda, NCP160 etc.


By powder coating and painting. Follow Pantone Color.

Quality Control

Waterproof inspection(If have)

Waterproof test, the detection time is around 30-60 minutes.

Production process inspection

We have first, middle, final test for each production step.

Incoming material inspection

All material will be checked according to technical document.