Something you must be know - Kinlife Travel Trailer


Q: How many trailer in a container? Can we load more?

A: 4 units can be loaded in a 40HQ container.

We can get axle diassembled then we can load 8units.

Q: Is battery and inverter included?

A: Battery and inverter is standard on the trailer to support the electric system.

Q: How much for tent and awning included?

A: Tent and awning is optional. It is for 600USD and 250USD extra.

Q: Is this trailer for off-road?

A: Yes, this is off-road camper trailer and it is equipped with independent suspension. It has good performance.

Q: Does it come fully assembled and ready to use?

A: Tyre and front tool box needs to be installed. It is all by bolting. Because we need to save space that load more unit in the container. It is very easy. Other parts are fully assembled.

Q: What is warranty of the trailer?

A: 1 year on chassis.

Q: Can I choose color for each trailer?

A: There is MOQ for the color powder from supplier as well. So that we can choose one color for 2 trailers/ 4 trailers(取决于客户选择的颜色以及下单的数量而定)

Q: Do you have certificate on trailer?

A: We have certificate like E4 on the tyre, and we equip AGA Dometic burner stove on the trailer. (如欧洲需要的整车CE是没有的)

Q: How long is the production time?

A: Production time of camper trailer is 45-55days. Then we will provide images before shipping out.

Q: Can we add water heater on trailer?

A: For sure. We can add water heater on trailer.

Q: Can we add logo on trailer?

A: Yes logo is free to custom
Sticker or Water-transfer Print