What you need to know before ordering - Truck Camper


Q: Can I leave my tailgate on with a truck camper?

A: Depending on the size of your camper and truck bed, you may leave your tailgate on without any issue. 

However, your tailgate will add weight to your truck, which will take away from your payload capacity. 

If you have a large dually truck, this may not concern you.

Q: Can I sleep in a truck camper while driving?

A: According to laws, the short answer is yes, but we don't recommend doing it. 

Why? Primarily because truck campers aren't equipped with safety belts.

Q: How do you secure a truck camper when off the truck?

A: When the camper is off of the truck, you can use Wobble Stoppers with locks and place the camper about 12-inches off the ground. 

Unless they cut the hardened locks or the Wobble Stopper itself, they can't just drive up and load your camper and drive off.