People also ask - Kinlife Custom Pontoon Boat


Q: Can you add barbecue oven and portable toilet on the boat?

A: Barbecue stand and grill and portable toilet can be provided as optional.

Q: Does the product has a motor? 

A: "No, customers are generally buy from the local motor dealers there. 

We can help buy it, but we'll have to pay double taxes, and the price will be higher." 

Q: Whether the middle pontoon can be made with water tank or storage space? 

A: Yes

Q: Is there any other style choice for the driving seat?

A: At this stage, we are developing new sofa and driving chair styles.

Q: What is the loading of your pontoon vessel? 

A: One 30ft can fit a 40HQ container; Other conventional size is generally 2, double 25 feet is also 2 

Q: Are your decks made of aluminum? 

A: The standard conventional style is ocean board; Can also be converted to aluminum deck; That's about $4 to $500 extra 

Q: Is there any certificate for the general sale of your products? 

A: Our general market is North America, Europe and Australia; We have CE certification 

Q: What is the price difference between assembled and disassembled? 

A: "The price is the same, but when shipped assembled, the width is 2.2m. 

When shipped disassembled, the standard width is 2.475m. 

For the assembled shipment, a 40HQ container can only load on one 20ft boat. 

And for the disassembled shipment, it can be 3, saving the average shipping cost per boat. 

Q: What is the recommended motor for a 27ft fiberglass pontoon boat? 

A: 200HP 

Q: What is the size and brand of refrigerator for a 30ft double-deck pontoon boat? 

A: 45L Dometic fridge.

Q: Can the boat be 2.2m wide with 3 pontoons?

A: We are not recommended to use 3 logs for boats under 25ft long and 2.2m wide. 

And pontoon boats with standard width of 2.475 meters over 24 feet, generally equipped with 3 barrels." 

Q: Does the quote includes trailer?

A: We made boat trailers, but it is not includes in the quote.