Luxury Yacht - Before making a purchase you must to know


Q: Can your yacht go to marine areas?

A: Yes, it can be used in offshore and lakes. It is enough to have the most basic ship driver's license. Our ships are easy to operate.

Q: Does your luxury yacht include a motor?

A: We can have a motor, added as an option.

Q: How long will your luxury yacht be delivered?

A: Usually 45 to 60 days after the production schedule.

Q: Do you have other sizes of this boat?

A: We can also support other sizes of customization according to customer needs.

Q: Do you need the trolling trailer which can help you back control?

A: As the boat is especial for rent, so now no trailer for this yet.

Q: Is the cabin of the semi-submarine ventilated?

A: Yes. Equipped with a small fan inside, the air inside can be circulated.

Q: What material is the semi-submarine cabin made of?

A: The whole body is made of marine-grade 5052 aluminum alloy, rust-proof and long-lasting.

Q: Does semi-submarine support custom logo?

A: Yes, you can send us your logo and we can design your custom logo on the inside of the boat or on the EVA board.

Q: Is the semi-submarine able to choose the color independently?

A: Yes, we can choose the corresponding color according to the provided color card.

Q: How many people can a semi-submarine carry?

A: Up to 3 people in total including the cockpit.

Q: Can the semi-submarine run normally?

A: Yes, we will let the quality inspection department test each product before shipment.

Q: How many bars can a 40-foot/45-foot cabinet hold?

A: A 40-foot cabinet can hold 1, but we can make a shorter other boat.

Q: Does this boat come in different sizes?

A: Our standard is 22 feet, other sizes can also be customized.

Q: Can you ship it with the engine?

A: Yes, the engine is optional.

Q: What motor can the semi-submarine be equipped with?

A: Available with petrol or electric motor. At present, electric motors are more popular in the market.

Q: Where are semi-submarines generally suitable for use?

A: Amusement parks, offshore, and anywhere you want to see underwater.

Q: How long is the delivery time of the semi-submarine?

A: Generally, it takes about 45 days, and it will be longer if there are customized requirements.

Q: Can the size of the yacht be bigger?

A: Yes, we will also order larger containers according to the size of the larger yacht.

Q: Can the yacht have an independent bathroom?

A: In order to keep the layout reasonable, it is recommended to use a portable toilet.
We also specially designed a closed space for placing the toilet to ensure the cleanliness of the cabin.